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szmandalove: (Hugh - pleasure)

szmandalove's Journal

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Created on 2011-07-30 17:30:17 (#968892), last updated 2017-10-09 (1 week ago)

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Fanfiction. Lots of fanfiction.

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Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Will Graham/Lee Fallon
Will Graham/Everett Hobbs
Greg Sanders/Ryan Wolfe
Greg Sanders/Nick Stokes
Greg Sanders/Gil Grissom
Greg Sanders/Carlos Moreno
Greg Sanders/Don Flack
Greg Sanders/Danny Nagano
Greg Sanders/Mike Keppler
Greg Sanders/Zeke Barnes
Greg Sanders/Steve McGarrett
Greg Sanders/Spencer Reid
Greg Sanders/Ianto Jones
Greg Sanders/Adam Ross
Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald
Josef Kostan/Mick St. John
John Reese/Jordan Hester
Don Flack/Jordan Hester
Zeke Barnes/Jordan Hester
Zeke Barnes/Henry Martin
Zeke Barnes/Kramer Delaney
Victor Lantz/Zeke Barnes
Anton Littlecreek/Zeke Barnes
Michael Holt/Zeke Barnes
Aaron Hotchner/Zeke Barnes
Ryan Hardy/Zeke Barnes
Steve McGarrett/Zeke Barnes
Steve McGarrett/Casey Devereaux
Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Michael Cutter/Ryan O'Halloran
Ryan Wolfe/Jesse Cardoza
Ryan Wolfe/Logan Echolls
Jimmy Palmer/Tim McGee
Sir Tristan/Sir Galahad
Hugh Dancy/Mads Mikkelsen
Rhys Coiro/Raul Esparza
Rhys Coiro/Richard Engel
Eric Szmanda/Jonathan Togo
Eric Szmanda/Enrique Murciano
Jason Dohring/Alex O'Loughlin

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